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Expert designed Healthcare Inventory Management Systems to save you time and money.

▶︎ Are your staff wasting time looking for items that have been incorrectly labeled or stored?

▶︎ Are stock takes taking up valuable customer service time each quarter?

▶︎ Are you fed up with stock being thrown out because it’s expired before it could be used?

StockAssist Medical helps you overcome one of biggest headaches facing dental and healthcare businesses: stock control.

In the USA, an average dental practice loses $8,000 a year by throwing away stock because they don’t accurately manage inventory. Every year, healthcare services lose hundreds of thousands of pounds of stock through overstocking, understocking and product recalls.

Not managing inventory is costing your business money.

If your existing stock management system isn’t serving your needs, isn’t it time you looked at alternatives?

Save time and money with our simple solution: StockAssist Medical.

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With StockAssist Medical, its simple to…

  • Eliminate Surplus Stock

    Large quantities of stock sitting on the shelves can be very costly to a business. Overstocking takes up space, and when space is at a premium and stock requires certain storage conditions which are moisture or temperature-sensitive, that can add up to be a significant cost.

  • Eliminate Resource Wastage

    With over 8000 products currently available on the dental marketplace alone, it is common for cash to be tied up in stock which is close to expiring, becoming out of date, or being superseded by more up to date products. With StockAssist Medical, you can stay on top of your stock and reduce wastage to less than 1%.

  • Eliminate Compliance Risk

    StockAssist Medical makes light work of regulatory compliance, like managing product recalls. By having real-time monitoring and reporting on your stock levels and assets, including end to end traceability so that you have records on where they were last used or deployed, you can have every faith in your inventory management system to keep you compliant.

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Admin Hours

    StockAssist Medical can free up your staff to spend less time on admin tasks such as stock takes, searching for stock, and reordering. StockAssist Medical gives them back their time to do what they enjoy and what they do best.

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Label Printing

We know that not all stock items come with a barcode label. That’s why all versions of StockAssist Medical come with a direct thermal label printer so that you can print the labels you need.

StockAssist Medical can also print all the location labels that you need to be able to store your stock securely.

Mobile Devices

We supply best-in-class PDAs to use with StockAssist Medical.

These full-touch display devices that deliver ruggedness, power and performance in a smartphone form factor with the intuitive, user-friendly experience of Android™.

The devices can be used to pull up reports, scan barcodes, and will alert you when preferred alternative stock is available.

Ease of Reporting

StockAssist Medical has complete functionality to conduct stock takes on individual locations. It comes with a selection of pre-created reports showing all stock locations and uses, so that you don’t have to create your own system.

All versions of StockAssist Medical also contain our bespoke “report generator” software, allowing you to extract specific information from the system. All reports can be viewed on screen, exported as Excel files, or printed directly from the system.

On- & Off-Site Support

Our packages can be tailored and designed to suit your needs.

They can include –

  • On-site installation, setup and training
  • Subscription to StockAssist cloud
  • Multi-user licences
  • Off-site technical support.
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From £150 + VAT per month

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Inventory management — or stock control — is how an organisation keeps track of its stock. It enables you to manage the supply, storage and accessibility of your stock.

When done well, this can streamline your business, save your practice time and substantial costs and it can improve your profit.

The average dental practice spends 7% of its turnover each year on stock.

With Stock Assist Medical, you can save considerable costs by reducing your stock wastage to <1%.

50% of companies recognise the importance of inventory management, but have taken no action yet.  Often that is because there are no bespoke solutions that suit your industry, or the various systems available are confusing, and can’t talk to each other.

Thats why we developed StockAssist Medical specifically for dental and healthcare professionals. We believe it revolutionises healthcare inventory management systems, making your practice easier and more profitable to run.

Want to see it in action?

We can do virtual demos, or one of our expert team members can come to your workplace and show you how a customised StockAssist system can revolutionise your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best stock inventory system for dentists?

GS1 certified bar code scanning is an essential part of any inventory management system. Mobile, web-based and cloud hosted software packages make light work of stock control. Affordable, all in one systems with friendly support are ideal for many practices and that’s exactly why we developed StockAssist Medical. An efficient stock control system can save a practice thousands of pounds each year as well as help increase profits and allow for growth.

What should I look for when buying a stock inventory system?

Important things to look for when investing in a new stock inventory system:

  • Real time reporting and forecasting capabilities
  • Barcode scanning
  • System requirements and configurability
  • User friendly interface
  • Online and offline operability
  • Support, maintenance and training

How do I set up barcodes for stock management?

A barcode system can dramatically increase the accuracy of your inventory. This means that your inventory management system is always up to date. It can even set alerts, such as when preferred stock or stock closer to expiry is available. Barcode and scanning is very straightforward to implement alongside an inventory management system like StockAssist Medical. We can even install the software for you and carry out staff training onsite, setting you up for success.

What are the benefits of a GS1 certified system?

All StockAssist packages are GS1 certified. GS1 labelling ensures end to end traceability with fewer errors, giving the user fast and accurate data capture at every point in the supply chain. It is easier to move items throughout the supply chain, even internationally. Read more about GS1 compliance here.

How does StockAssist Medical work?

>Upon receiving your delivery, you can scan the barcode to immediately identify the manufacturer, the unique product, quantity, date of production, expiry date, batch number, and more. Barcode scanning can securely manage and store a suite of data relevant to that product, your practice and even your patients.

Because StockAssist Medical functions with GS1 and HIBCC barcodes, it integrates seamlessly with legacy healthcare labelling standard as well as the latest Scan 4 Safety requirements.

StockAssist Medical can be either cloud hosted on our dedicated servers, or can be installed on the customer’s local network server. It comprises a web interface allowing product and stock information to be reviewed and updated from a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari allowing any networked computer access to the system.

For recording the actual movement of items in a warehouse, stores, distribution area or hospital etc. an industrial PDA is used. The PDA functions with either Windows Mobile or Android operating systems.

Who is StockAssist Medical for?

StockAssist Medical is specifically designed for busy practice managers and clinical staff with little time for monitoring stock. We specialise in –

  • Busy clinics and practices
  • Multi-site group practices
  • Small clinics and practices

Why choose StockAssist Medical?

We think StockAssist Medical stands out in the market for its ease of use, accurate reporting and time saving stock control. StockAssist Medical is industry leading GS1 Certified & HIBC Compliant, supporting you with rugged, hardwearing, reliable hardware to help you drive down costs and eliminating the pain of stock control.

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