Why do I need inventory management?

Each year thousands of pounds worth of stock gets thrown away because items have passed their expiry date while sitting in storage areas. At the same time, other items of stock run out, causing unnecessary delays or requiring more expensive substitutions. Both oversupply and undersupply increases overheads and decreases profit.


Inventory management, or stock control, is the process by which an organisation keeps track of its stock. It enables you to manage the supply, storage and accessibility of your stock. This, in turn, helps to save costs and improve profit.

StockAssist can help with this by monitoring expiry dates, managing stock levels, providing accurate cost and stock reporting, often by using the barcode labelling applied by manufacturers. The scanning of the barcode can immediately identify the manufacturer, the unique product, the quantity, the date of production, the expiry date, the batch number, and even more. Many other items of data relevant to that product can be identified in this way.

StockAssist functions with GS1 and HIBCC barcodes, meaning it integrates seamlessly with legacy healthcare labelling standard as well as the latest Scan 4 Safety requirements.

To read more about GS1 compliance, click here.

Zebra ZD410 HC

For stock items which are not delivered with a barcode label, all versions of StockAssist come with a direct thermal label printer and can print the required labels.

StockAssist can also print all the required location labels for use with the system.

Healthcare stock room

Where a product is delivered in large quantities, StockAssist can record the full box being delivered into, then issued from stock. Or, when the box is opened, it can automatically be broken down into smaller individual items for issue.

Healthcare stock room

StockAssist has complete functionality to conduct stock takes on individual locations.

StockAssist Reporting

StockAssist comes with a selection of pre-created reports showing all stock locations and uses.

All versions of StockAssist also contain our bespoke “report generator” software, which is a very powerful tool, allowing the user to extract a multitude of information from the system.

All reports can be viewed on screen, exported as Excel files, or printed directly from the system.